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Personal interview

A Personal Interview is a deciding milestone between you and your job. Variable personal interview questions and answers are asked by the experts to judge your communications skills, presence of mind, and the ability to shine as the best candidate for the job.


Deciding factors

  • Judge the skills of a candidate
  • Evaluation of attitude and approach in different circumstances.
  • Salary expectations.
  • Verification of documents.
  • Past experiences of the candidate.
  • Future goals of the candidate.

How to give personal interview

Personal interview questions for MBA, engineering freshers, and other courses are slightly different, but they are a part of a personality test. Although some personal interview questions will remain common, the interview panel will gradually move to various areas of academics, hobbies, previous projects, etc.

How to introduce yourself in personal interview?

  1. Personal interview introduction answer involves highlighting your personality and talents apart from the resume's details.
  2. This is a repetitive question; therefore, it is crucial to prepare an appropriate answer.
  3. Keep the answer brief and crisp.

Personal interview question and answer

Some basic personal interview questions are

  1. Personal introduction in interview.
  2. Analyzing personal interview skills by asking questions about unfavorable situations.
  3. The panel may ask interesting personal interview questions such as your hobbies and previous projects.
  4. Personal interview questions and answers for freshers are likely to revolve around their previous internships.
  5. Irrespective of the job role, the personal interview format is almost similar for everyone.

How to prepare for personal interview?

Your personal interview answers will determine your career. Here is how to face personal interview to your advantage

  1. To avoid hesitation, improve your speaking skills in front of a mirror.
  2. Be confident about the skills you mentioned in the resume.
  3. Mention that you are unaware of an answer if you are clueless about the question.
  4. Be prepared for the unavoidable questions in your case, especially if you are an engineer, paramedical and other graduates.
  5. Take a small pause if you feel stressed and answer the questions calmly with a warm smile.

Tips for personal interview

Some common personal interview tips for freshers and experienced individuals are

  1. You may not have answers to all the questions asked in personal interview; however, it's important to maintain effective body language during personal interview..
  2. Questions asked in personal interview will vary; therefore, work on the basic questions asked in a personal interview.
  3. Go through the previous year's personal interview examples.
  4. Its important to learn how to give personal information in interview; therefore, you can also join the mock preparation organization.

Do's and don'ts of personal interview

The right preparation for personal interview is the only answer to how to crack personal interview and land your dream job. It's also important to learn what not to do in the interview

  • Dress appropriately for the interview.
  • Follow basic courtesy and behave professionally.
  • Work on personal strength interview question asked frequently.
  • Don't sag in your chair during the interview.
  • Don't panic during the interview and lie about any questions.
  • Learn all you can about personal interview questions and answers for MBA admission and other streams.

Our role in your success

Joining The Prepboard mentorship program can help you in the following way.

  1. You learn how to face a personal interview.
  2. You learn how to face personal interview questions for freshers professionally.
  3. You undergo drastic personality development.
  4. You get the feedback about the answer you give to the personal round interview questions.
  5. The experts work on your weak areas and provide you the right answer to the basic questions for personal interview.
  6. You learn about different types of personal interview circumstances and how to respond accordingly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of personal interview

Advantages of personal interview

  • In-depth analysis of skills.
  • The company and the employee judge each other.
  • Any questions can be asked immediately.
  • It speeds up the hiring process.
  • It builds professional trust among the employee and the employer.
  • The candidate can display their skills bag their dream job.
  • It opens up any opportunity for negotiation.

Disadvantages of personal interview

  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • The personality of the interviewee get displayed to the employers.
  • It is a hurdle for those lacking communication skills.
  • Geographical limitations.

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