Prepboard Group Discussion

What is group discussion?

The process of group discussion is the interview round involving 5-6 candidates for the selection of the best candidate competing for a job, scholarships, mentorship, and other opportunities.

The objective

The topics are presented, and the panelists judge the candidates for their communication skills, ability to make convincing arguments, clarity of thoughts, and other individualistic abilities.


Significance of discussion

In a focused group discussion, the following skills are judged

  • The ability to express and communicate
  • The rigidness and flexibility of views
  • How soon you mingle up with the group
  • The assertive nature of an individual
  • The leadership skills
  • Analytical abilities
  • Your personality and confidence

Current group discussion topics for MBA students

A great emphasis is placed on the group discussion skills of individuals aiming for top B schools as these qualities help in determining the next generation managers and leaders. The purpose of group discussion is to identify the right candidate.

The topic for group discussion

The latest group discussion topics in interview are distributed among the candidates. These general topics for group discussion ideas include

  • Current affairs
  • Business and economy
  • Social topics
  • Miscellaneous topics

Group discussion rules

  • Have a confident body language
  • Hear other's opinion and respect them
  • Interfere if you find that an argument is wrong
  • Don't turn the discussion into a fight
  • Give reasonable arguments and statements

How to start group discussion

  • Make an impressive starting point about the topic
  • Add something valuable and avoid repetition
  • Be vocal about your points
  • Focus on providing the solution
  • Don't try to be sarcastic and respect other's opinion

Do's and Don'ts of group discussion

Do's of group discussion

  1. In the focussed group discussion, if you are clueless about the topic, observe what others are speaking about, and add the valuable point intelligently.
  2. Think before you contribute a point.
  3. If a discussion turns hostile, intervene, and try to diffuse the tension. It will portray your leadership skills.
  4. Do not cut through anyone's turn and allow them to make a point.
  5. Back up your points with facts and figures.

Don'ts of brain drain group discussion

  1. Don't start the discussion if you are not aware of the topic
  2. Don't interrupt others.
  3. Don't get swayed by other's opinions.
  4. Don't feel underconfident if the others have made more effective points.
  5. Don't give in to the pressure and maintain a calm attitude.

How to prepare for group discussion

Some topics in interviews are popular while others aren't. Getting in-depth knowledge about current affairs and consistent practice of these topics is the basic characteristics of group discussion. Practice different types of group discussion topics with answers to strengthen your skills.

Group discussion tips

Keep your points short and effective. The regular reading of current affairs for group discussion will be very helpful in the selection process. Take notes and participate in online group discussion rounds for practice. This way, you will learn how to face group discussion round.

Some previous year popular topics are

  1. Indian culture Vs western culture group discussion.
  2. Current issues in India for group discussion.
  3. Make in India group discussion topics.
  4. Group discussion on corruption.
  5. Group discussion on digital India.
  6. Demonetization group discussion.
  7. The education system in India group discussion.

These are the recent discussion topics for freshers. You will find many other topics for group discussion on social media.


How The Prepboard team can help you

Now that you know what is group discussion, with The Prepboard expert's guidance, you can learn how to crack the group discussion. You will learn

  • How to start a group discussion examples
  • Golden rules for group discussion
  • Group discussion techniques
  • How to prepare for group discussion correctly
  • Group discussion tips and tricks
  • Reflective sessions on your performance

How to leave a positive impact

  1. Think carefully about the topic in the interview and link your knowledge before making a point.
  2. You can also make an opening statement and get noticed by the panelists to gain maximum advantages of group discussion
  3. Gather your facts and figures before making an opening statement and direct the conversation in your forte.
  4. Maintain the focus group discussion and bring it back if people are diverting to gain extra attention.
  5. Make regular comebacks with valid points.

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