IIM Lucknow is conducting an Online Workshop on Teaching/Practicing Marketing Research. 


The college official website says,

The online workshop being conducted on 8th January 2021 will consist of the following elements;

"Introduction to Marketing Research: This session will 

discuss the growing importance of marketing research, 

give a definition and present a classification of 

marketing research. Several real -life examples will be 

given for illustration

Pedagogy of Teaching Marketing Research will be 

discussed :Learn how to plan, manage and teach marketing research in class. 

Defining the Problem: The importance of this first and 

most crucial step of the marketing research process will 

be highlighted. The challenges in defining the problem 

will be discussed. The common errors in defining the 

problem and how to avoid them will be highlighted. 

Several real-life examples will be given for illustration.

Research Design: This session will discuss various types of research design and explain the differences between them. Major sources of error in research design through live case studies and illustration.

Measurement and Scaling: Some outrageous, counter -

intuitive, statements will be made regarding numbers 

and each of them will be proved. The basic scale 

characteristics, the primary type of scales, and scaling 

techniques commonly used in marketing research will be covered. "