Tips and Trick to Ace Current Affairs Section

By following the tips and tricks one can easily scoop through the current affairs section of an exam.
Tips and Trick to Ace Current Affairs Section

Tips and Trick to Ace Current Affairs Section

Current Affairs preparation is a very important cog in the wheel of the strategy to clear the competitive examination like CLAT, CMAT, CU-CET etc. It is important to understand the reason behind importance given to the Current Affairs by the competitive exams. The candidates who successfully clear the examinations are going to be generalists. They are not going to play the role of specialists. To put things into perspective, a generalist will not be building bridges, roads, satellites or missiles.

Rather they will be given opportunities to lead the corporates in highly technical domains, take part in decision making roles in various domains. Hence it is imperative that aptitude exams expect its candidates to have a great deal of awareness and the curiosity to keep absorbing knowledge, information and develop the ability to synthesize vast amounts of information. By using the following tips, you can ace the section: -

·         Newspapers: There are plenty of newspapers in the market. It is important to read the right newspapers. Don’t read newspapers which provide information on Page 3, socialites, gossips because there is no way it is going to help your preparation. Rather just stick to 1 newspaper because your preparation will be more focused and it will help you in saving your most precious resource i.e. time. So far, many successful candidates preferred to read newspapers like The Hindu which provides excellent analysis in its editorials concerning every topic that a prospective civil service candidate must be aware of.

·         Magazines: There are plenty of magazines or periodicals that are available in the market for Current affairs preparation. Once again don’t overburden yourself with too many magazines from the market. Rather stick to a few magazines that have a proven track record of providing right information with an excellent analysis which is an important attribute that the competitive exam tests.

·         Notes: Most importantly never forget to make notes on the analysis of the topics you have studied. Make sure that you write your analysis as well. Notes will really help your preparation at the advanced stages of preparation while the exams are approaching very close.

·         Revise: Make sure that you consistently revise the topics from notes you have made. This is a crucial component to help you in retaining vast amounts of information that one has to absorb. Keep revising from the notes that you make regularly. This will help you to connect different topics as you keep gathering more and more relevant information and knowledge.

·         Current Affairs Apps: There are many apps available for the current affairs preparation. Candidates can use those apps to stay one step ahead of their competition and increase on their sources of preparation. These apps also have periodic quizzes which can help aspirants assess their preparation level as far as current affairs section is concerned.

So, by following the above tips and tricks one can ace the current affairs easily along with managing other sections as well.

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