5 most important steps in building a great MBA profile

An article about building MBA profile to boost application of the aspirants.
5 most important steps in building a great MBA profile

5 most important steps in building a great MBA profile

Are you thinking about applying to MBA programs? If so, it is important that you have a strong MBA profile. Today's competitive job market means that your MBA profile will be one of the most important tools in getting an offer from companies. In this article, we will discuss 5 steps that can help you build a great MBA profile and get into business school of your dreams. Use these steps in order to build an outstanding application for yourself. A strong application also helps one to be confident in the interview as well as in the group discussion process of the respective b-schools.

5 steps to improve your MBA profile:-

  1. Be clear with your career objectives: Even before thinking about going for an MBA one should be very thorough with one's career path. What are the skills that you would like to develop? What industries do you want to work in? Once you are clear with your career objectives, it becomes much easier for you to target specific b-schools and design an appropriate profile. Also this will help you to build and channel your profile towards the goal which you want to attain post your MBA. So, the first and foremost step is to assess your career goals and build a working plan to achieve them.
  2. Target the B-Schools accordingly: Once you are clear with your career objectives, identify the b-schools that will help you achieve your goals. While certain b-schools like the old IIMs, FMS Delhi, NMIMS etc will cater to your ambitions irrespective of the specialization, there are certain b-schools that offer specialized MBA and will add on great value to your learning in the entire course. Also their are specific specialized programs offered by IIMs themselves apart from their general management programs which can take your career to new heights. So, make sure you pick the b-school with proper research and understanding of your career goals.
  3. Focus on your Extra-Curriculars: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Even organizations and b-schools know that and they want candidates that are into varied interests and hobbies and not just crammers who gulp everything taught within the limits of the classroom and do not think out of the box. Such individuals who are involved in various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities depict holistic character in their resume, b-schools and organizations love such things in the resume of a candidate. So, start focusing on your extra-curriculars develop new interests and excel in those because not only in professional life these interests will bring a deep sense of meaning and relaxation into your personal life as well.
  4. Do Certifications: Once you are clear with your career goals and specialization, you must do certain certifications into the particular domain of your interest. This will give you more technical as well as practical know-how of the specific field where you want to venture into and also add onto a great weightage to your resume. You can do both paid as well as free certifications on various online platforms. You can also choose between the duration, that is you can do short term as well as long term courses according to your own comfort. Certifications also depict how dedicated are you towards your career.
  5. Analyse your profile: Thoroughly go through your profile. Find gaps in your profile and try to fill in for those. Find out your strong points and flex on them in your interviews also remember to find out your weak points and tackle them when asked about them. If you are having prior work experience then revise the fundamentals of the information pertaining to your work otherwise be thorough with your graduation subjects because that is the area where you would be facing most of your questions from. In a nutshell you should be well-versed with your resume and should be able to explain each and every point mentioned there.

So, these are few steps that you can follow in-order to give a boost to your MBA profile. The key to having an impressive MBA profile is by targeting the b-schools correctly, focusing on extra-curricular activities and doing certifications in line with your career goals. Make sure you analyze your profile and find gaps that can be filled which will give a boost to your application. Also a strong profile may even shelter the low percentile because many b-schools give a profile based call as well. So, if you have scored a slightly low percentile in your entrances still a strong profile can fetch you a seat in your dream business school.

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